The Global Network for Innovative Business

Creative Business Cup is much more than a competition - it is a global all-year initiative supporting entrepreneurs from the creative industries in growing their business ideas as well as supporting them as contributors of creative and innovative solutions in other industries and society. Creative Business Cup empowers entrepreneurs in the creative industries, connects them to investors and global markets and strengthens their innovative capabilities to the benefit of industry and society.

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Why the Creative Industries?

Worldwide, the creative industries contribute significantly to growth and jobs – and to the development of new, innovative solutions to the challenges that companies and societies face. Also, traditional industries become more innovative and competitive when collaborating with creative companies or “creatives”, called cross sector innovation. The creative industries contribute to a more dynamic, competitive and innovative society in many ways.

"There was not a bad idea in the whole bunch. It made the jury process very complicated and very intense. I think every single person that came to this is going places."

- Amy Cosper, CEO RadicalUpstarts