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We Want Cinema

The movie theatre is yours. Comfortable seats. The lights go off. The big screen appears. Showtime! That nostalgic sense that you get in the theatre. Nothing gets better than that. Or does it? What if you could decide which film is shown on the big screen in your favourite theatre? And not just films but anything you like? What if you have a place where you can arrange that with all your friends? A place where you can meet people with similar interests?

We Want Cinema is a new online platform where you decide what is shown in the theatre. The theatre is no longer in charge of the programming, you are! We Want Cinema is all about what you want to see or experience. Something that moves you, interests you or makes you roll on the floor with laughter. It's up to you. After all, there is no accounting for tastes, is there?

A broad range of options

Over 1.000 hours of film, documentaries and other content is available. Together with your cinema friends you can watch for example The Usual Suspects again. The cartoon that you adored when you were little is now available for your own children to enjoy and together with your culinary friends you can have a peek in the kitchen of El Bulli, the legendary Spanish restaurant that has been awarded with Michelin Stars.

We Want Cinema is an initiative of film distributor Amstelfilm which is joined by theatres, film distributors and content owners such as EYE and A-film. Even Upload Cinema’s hilarious compiled web videos are available.


Watching together

We Want Cinema is easy. Anyone can create an event, book the first ticket and invite friends through social media. You create an event and invite friends via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. You promote your event by making a personal promise, for example ‘if there is a full house I will shave my head’ or ‘I will get dressed as the main character’. It is also possible to buy a ticket for a planned event or join a group with people that have the same interests. Together you promote what you want to see. After all, if there are enough people who buy a ticket for your event, it’s showtime!


Entrepreneur: Marieke Jonker, CEO We Want Cinema