The STAY Partnership

Attracting talent and startups

STAY is a partnership that attracts international startups and talents. Startups play a key role in innovation, creativity and economic growth in societies and strengthen the national and global economy significantly.

STAY launched on the 20th August 2018 in Copenhagen. In addition to the main theme of attracting talents and startups, this STAY event also hosts an exhibition for Chinese designers. Have a look here for more information about 'Design China'.

Photos from the day and evening can be found here.

See the speakers presentations here.

The STAY Partnership goals:  

STAY brings together key players in business, academia, and the public sector to give startups better and lasting access to Denmark through three main initiatives:

- Convey an updated story abroad about Denmark, as an innovative country that welcomes ambitious talents and startups. The dissemination will be through Creative Business Cup partners in education, entrepreneurship and innovation in over 65 countries.

- Establishing a soft-landing program that offers newcomers in Denmark, a network as well as business benefits and resources for startups who wish to establish their startup here, with focus on both administrative, political, economic, social and cultural aspects.

- A unique network and collaboration between all relevant stakeholders, where we establish an accelerator offering financing, mentoring and business development for foreign startups

Current partners are:
Deloitte, Microsoft, Lyngby-Taarbæk City of Knowledge, Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, Aalborg University, Talent Garden Rainmaking, The Carlsberg Foundation, Copenhagen Capacity, The Danish Chamber of Commerce, Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship at Copenhagen Business School.

To become a partner, please send us an email