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Creative Business Cup is a competition on business ideas from the creative industries. There are a few rules when participating in Creative Business Cup as described below.


Any global citizen with a business idea and a background from thecreative industries is eligible to compete in the Creative Business Cup.

You must own the rights to the idea with which you are entering the competition. A participant can be an individual as well as a group of people collaborating in a team.

At least one participant in the team must have a background in one of the creative industries. Besides the person with a background in a creative industry,the management team can consist of people with a professional background from other industries or trades.

What are the creative industries?

Creative industries are defined as:

  • Design
  • Architecture
  • Content production – e.g. computer games
  • Advertising
  • Books & press
  • Music
  • Film & video
  • Arts and crafts
  • Radio & TV
  • Amusement Parks & Live Scenes
  • Gastronomy

Restrictions for participation

The amount of external capital invested in the participating company must not exceed $ 500.000 US. Besides this there are no requirements for the participating company in relation to the:

  • Age of the company
  • Turnover of the company
  • Number of employees in the company

Participant submission

Creative Business Cup is a competition amongst business concepts from the creative industries. Submitted business concepts must not exceed 8 pages or 12 slides and they must be written in English.

Every business concept should address the majority of the following topics:

  • Physical and organizational base for business
  • Description of product/service
  • Value proposition
  • Sales channels
  • Market and customers
  • Expected revenue streams
  • Key activities and cost structure
  • Key resources and partners
  • Competitive situation
  • Organization and Management team
  • Analysis of risks
  • Financial needs and plans
  • If relevant: Exit strategy


Appendices to the business concept are not accepted.




Business Concept Plan

Please see Resources for an example of the Business Concept Template as well as other relevant documents.