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morethanshelters believes that every person on this planet has a right to a home. Due to the fact that almost 40 million people per year have to find refuge, morethanshelters has integrated four principles that guide the social business in working towards a housing solution for people in need of a shelter. Those principles are: Humane Living, Local Participation, Modular Architecture and Sustainable Design.

morethanshelters is a social enterprise based in Hamburg and Berlin, Germany, providing shelters for humanitarian purposes.

Daniel Kerber from morethanshelters explains:

"We believe that the problems of a growing accelerating world can be tackled and require new forms of visionary and unbiased bundling of competences. Social economising, current design, ecological consciousness and ethical standards can improve life realities in a sustainable manner. We would like to be part of this positive change since we share the passion of wanting to make a difference with our work".

For its' projects morethanshelters establishes Think Tanks with experts working in the fields of architecture, design, art, political science and economics to develop the best possible housing solutions for people in need. 

The housing solutions morethanshelters develops are temporary and permanent building forms which all absorb the advantages of the common tent, hut and other housing solutions that currently exist. Our mobile housing solutions can be aligned and complemented according to the individual needs and circumstances of destitute people as well as  support-organisations on site.

A modular shelter system that is called Domo; is a lightweight structure which can resist all weather conditions. No technical knowledge is required to assemble it, which empowers users through the opportunity to become directly involved in the construction and assembly. Individual customisation in the finishing of the structure further allows the integration of people's individual cultural backgrounds.

The pilot project phase is about to start. Together with partner organisations in Africa and Asia we will develop the final steps and allow for adaptations that suit the target populations.


Entrepreneur: Daniel Kerber, Morethanshelters GmbH

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