The Kolding Mobility Challenge

A global competition on mobility

The Kolding Municipality (Denmark) Mobility Welfare Challenge (“Kolding Mobility Challenge”) is a competition of creative ideas on new ways of mobility (transport & accessibility) coupled with well-thought-out plans for implementation – i.e. it is not a competition among already well-established established services or products. Instead it is an appraisal and award of radical ideas that will change our (often conservative) mind-set on how to think about mobility and transport. 

Our approach is especially centered on humans and we are looking for the next surprisingly innovative idea that will make our world a better place to move – be it measured by efficiency, effectiveness, pleasure of experience, safety or environmental sustainability - given the expected structure of constraints and the expected resources offered presently and in the future.

Why now: a global challenge – tackled by a public municipal platform

Kolding Municipality believes that the pressure of increased urbanisation is a global challenge, that – handled proactively – will give both stakeholders and solution-developers a mutual gain in the long-run. And Kolding Municipality is intent on becoming the platform for developing and testing the proposed solution through its regional base of infrastructure, consumers, volunteers, citizens, public services, investors and corporate collaborators. 

The change of mindset & behavior

We already know some of the solutions: wider roads, more bikes, intelligent traffic regulation, carpooling and better public transportation. But to be honest – these solutions are expensive, well known and/or ineffectual, and they are not very innovative. So instead we are curious about how to nudge people’s behaviour: how they act; how the y interact (with others and with technology); and how they transport themselves the smartest way in the future. 

To set the stage and induce some ideas in your minds, we have the following Kolding Mobility Challenge themes:

  • Accessibility to transportation
  • Parking
  • Promotion of bicycles
  • Public transportation
  • Safety and security of transportation
  • Promoting health through transportation

It is a competition on design given a fairly well-described future context. But since our minds are limited in capacity and the future will always be different from what we can imagine, we have acknowledged that we must search for answers outside our own public organization. We therefore welcome all possible solutions, as they may be a product or service or policy change; based on cultural or technological platforms; matching needs and interests; and short- or long-term in development and impact. We support on open innovation and co-creation – but we don’t know about yours, so please surprise us. Whatever your focus is, we are excited to see and hear your idea! 

Present your best innovative ideas

You now have the chance to be a part of defining new and innovative solutions in the mobility industry, present your idea before a top professional jury and perhaps make way for new and constructive partnerships with you as the key connector.

The process to reach us: a global venture competition

Enter your submission for the Kolding Mobility Challenge via the Creative Business Cup (CBC) website and the Younoodle platform. A jury will select the best ideas and invite the the finalist to attend the Creative Business Cup finals in Copenhagen in November 20-21nd, 2016. The Kolding Mobility Challenge is for all startups globally, including startups which are not otherwise competing in the Creative Business Cup.

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Deadline is extended to 10th of October!

Co-creation with the best

The Kolding Challenge will offer the winner of the challenge a free all-inclusive period of stay in the inspiring and entrepreneurial environment of Kolding, Denmark for a maximum of three persons sometime during 2017. This includes:

  • Workspace in Pakhuset – a 2000 m2 innovation environment in the heart of the university campus area of Kolding. Pakhuset will give you access to 6000 students from various educations, other entrepreneurs, incubator environments, designers, advisers, prototyping facilities and a fantastic network.
  • A campus apartment to live in
  • A monthly entrepreneurial support of DKK 4.000 per person before taxation to support your daily living
  • A co-operation agreement with the municipality of Kolding, allowing you to interact with the organization and the end-users to do user test, market analysis, prototyping etc. PS: we do not give a guarantee but our aim is to become the first customer of your startup.
  • Support for the visa application, work permission etc. in case you are non-EU citizens in co-operation with the Startup Denmark program

The requirements of compliance of the awards recipients are: a personal dedication to execute on the expectations of developing the service and/or product in collaboration with local stakeholders; speak English at a sufficient level of proficiency in order to co-create efficiently; an acceptance of participation in promotional activities of the startup together with the Kolding Municipality.

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