The Gribskov-Asia Boot Camp

As a new initiative this year, Creative Business Cup is proud to announce The Gribskov-Asia Boot Camp. This two-day event offers a retreat with the purpose of getting in sync with your pitch, get focused and get ready for The Creative Business Cup International Finals. The boot camp is launched for all startups coming from Asia and takes place 17th-18th of November, just before the finals.

This initiative is made possible by cooperation with Scan-Shipping and Gribskov Erhvervscenter, who both has much interest in supporting creative startups and entrepreneurs. The boot camp is held at Scan Factory in Gribskov, which normally functions as an entrepreneur-hotel, where startups and smaller businesses can benefit from a creative environment and develop their ideas.  

Who will be there?
The startups from Asia participating in Creative Business Cup International Finals will be at Scan Factory in November. The boot camp will be facilitated by the Danish entrepreneur Henrik Scheel, the founder and CEO at Startup Experience. He is now living and working in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and has great experience with equally the Danish and the international startup scene.

We are excited to see what this initiative and coorporation can bring. See you at the finals in Copenhagen 20th-21st of November!