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Greenbo produces an innovative and eye catching range of products for urban gardening. A unique saddle design means the Greenbo planters can fit universally onto balcony railings around the world.

Roy Joulus, CEO and Founder og Greenbo elaborates on his product:

With an almost limitless potential market, in a few short years Greenbo’s unique appeal, has taken it into markets around the world. Designed and built with sustainable and recycled materials, and produced in a multicultural Israeli Arab setting, the cutting edge Greenbo has recently been awarded the prodigious and industry leading Red Dot Design award, by the leaders of the world of design.

Why do you need Greenbo?

  • The “Green earth” movement, and “urban gardening” themes are inspiring more and more people to add plants and flowers to their homes. 
  • The “Sustainability” ecological economics principles, by using high quality & recycled materials to ensure long lasting product life cycle. However, despite the progress that was made in outdoor gardening and furniture, very little has changed in the planter or garden containers domain. 
  • Safety – hanging a window-box is a safety hazard. There are numerous incidents where the window-box fell – mainly in high altitudes or strong windy environment.
  • Floor space for most balconies in tiny. If a table + chairs need to be considered as well, there is little room for a planter on the floor space. Quality Metal hangers tend to scratch the railing and rust, and regular plastic planters have (at best) a one year product grantee thus creating a poor sustain solution. 
  • Design & colors – people spend allot of money on their outdoor furniture and are looking for a solution to “complete the picture” – in many cases in vivid colors (and not the ordinary terracotta or dark green color)

Flower pots for the urban environment

The Greenbo railing product line is revolutionary, high-end product line which provides a unique solution for growing plants/flowers in an urban environment. 

It consists of two main products:
  • A flower pot (planter) and a window box (whose marketing name is Greenbo XL).
  • Both products are considered high-end, sophisticated products which can be used for indoor and outdoor.



Entrepreneur: Roy Joulus, Greenbo


Winner of Red dot award

Greenbo was awarded the prestigous red dot award in product design in 2012 among more than 1800 competing companies. 

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