CBS: eGovernance

People in Estonia can benefit from the most advanced digital society in the world. Become part of their success story!

  • 5 days saved each year by signing documents digitally
  • 3 minutes to file taxes
  • 3 hours to start a company
  • 18,000+ e-residents

But with your help we can do so much more!

Creative Estonia in cooperation with Creative Business Cup are inviting startups from all over Europe to submit their best ideas for a new e-service to the Creative Business Solutions eGovernance competition. The finals will be held on Oct 6th 2017 during the Ministerial e-Government Conference that is held in the framework of the Estonian EU Presidency in Tallinn, Estonia. Travelling costs of the semifinalists and finalists will be covered.

The sky is the limit so write down your creative innovative idea for the next groundbreaking e-service to make all of our lives better and submit it to the CBS: eGovernance!


Because you get a chance to:

  • Win a prize with a value of 10.000 euros if your idea is selected as the best one
  • Become friends with the Estonian government
  • Develop a new diamond project for your portfolio and increase your future sales with it
  • Pitch your idea at the Creative Business Cup Global Finals in Denmark
  • Share your awesome idea with the rest of the world and become an e-services superstar

Estonia’s success story is globally renowned, give yourself a chance to be included in it! 

To participate it is important that:

  • you have a strong innovative business idea that can be used in the public sector
  • creative competencies must be involved in the process
  • the idea you propose has to resolve some real-life problem
  • the idea belongs to the team who presents it
  • you are based in Europe​