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Cypscent JA

Cypscent JA is producing perfume in different fragrances. The unique aspect of the perfume is that its primary ingredient is a weed – Cyprus rotunda that is common in Kenya.


Cypscent Ltd is a locally run student company consisting of a management team of four high school students. The company was started in November 2011 with a vision of successfully penetrating the fragrance industry.
Cypscent developed its product ‘Cyprut’ specifically for the youth market, with names and packaging that appeal to young consumers, furthermore the flavors are especially meant for the female sex among the youth. According to the Market Research News, 2 out of 3 fragrance consumers are still women.
The Cyprut creators paid attention to emerging consumer bases, consumers are increasingly keen, considering natural ingredients and environmentally conscious manufacturing processes when buying their products.
By using cyprus rotundus root which is considered as one of the most invasive weeds known, having spread out to a worldwide distribution in tropical and temperate regions(It has been called "the world's worst weed"), gave the opportunity to reduce the impact of these weeds in a creative way as opposed to using pesticides harmful to the Eco system.
The weed also has an array of uses ranging from pharmacological uses (medicinal), spicy aromas, food(nutritional value) and in the making of sleeping mats. With this in mind the company has boundless opportunities to venture into in future.