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What are the creative industries?

We have listed 12 industries that define the creative industries. These industries are relatively broad and it can be hard to see what is hiding under these categories. On this page you can find any additional specification of which sectors constitute the individual industries.


The specification of the creative industries below is not a definite list of what is and what is not a creative inudstriy. The purpose of the list is to create a better understanding of which companies can be considered being eligible for participating in Creative Business Cup.


  • Industrial design and product design
  • Communication Design and Graphic Design
  • Interior Architects and Room Design


  • Architectural firms
  • Landscape Architects

Content production e.g. computer games

  • Publishing of computer games
  • Computer Programming


  • Advertising Agencies
  • Other advertising activities
  • Photographers

Books and the press

  • Publishing of books
  • Publishing of journals and magazines
  • News agency


  • Retailer of musical instruments
  • Retail sale of music and video recordings
  • Sound recording and music publishing

Film & Video

  • Production of films and videos
  • Activities performed by production of film, video and TV programs
  • Distribution of film, video and TV programs cinemas

Art and crafts

  • Manufacture of jewellery and related products
  • Art shops and galleries
  • Theatre and concerts
  • Independently performing arts

Radio & TV

  • Production of TV programmes
  • radio Company
  • Broadcasting

Amusement Parks & Live Scenes

  • Theme parks
  • Festivals and outdoor venues


  • Restaurants
  • Cafes, pubs, discos, etc..

Leisure activities

  • Sports and recreational activities
  • Active vacations

The definition of the creative industries draws on the Danish Analysis Growth through Experiences (2011) made by the Danish Business Authority and CKO. The analysis defines the Experience Economy and the creative industries in further detail.


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