CLEVER embraces the recent developments in the global economic environment and aspires to be the catalyst of change in the Creative Industries (CI) Higher Education as well as the creative economy eco-system in Israel. Thus, the main goal of the project is to enable a state of affairs in Israel where the creative industries play a larger role in local (and global) economic life and where the Israeli labor force in this industry is experiencing an advanced multi-faceted labor market.

  • Objectives:
  • To systematically align the Israeli Higher Education System with global changes and develop new capacities to harness and extend the role of the CI Higher Education beyond its current disciplinary boundaries.
  • To improve the CI sector competitiveness, skill sets and access to funding
  • To shape a new generation of creative leaders and entrepreneurs who takes an active role in economy and society as global creative citizens as well as help them to maintain flexible life-long careers and mobility in the labor market.
  • To create favorable economic conditions for the growth of the Creative Industry through governmental and non-governmental support. 

CLEVER is funded through ERASMUS+ programme for cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices and runs from ultimo 2015 to the end of 2018. 



Shenkar – Engineering. Design. Art., Lead Partner, ISR
Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, ISR
Hadassah Academic College, ISR
Sapir Academic College, ISR
College of Management-Academic Studies, ISR
LAHAV-  Israel Federation of Small Business Organizations, ISR
Creative Business Cup, DK
Copenhagen Business School, DK
University of Brighton, UK
EBS Education OU, EST
MTÜ Loov Eesti, EST
Iceland Academy of The Arts, ISL
THNK Social Enterprise BV, School of Creative Leadership, NL