Creative Business Investors Pitch

At the CBC Global Finals, 15-16 November 2017, Copenhagen

Are you a creative startup looking for investors? Are you an investor that wants to take your startup to the next stage? Submit your application for CBI Pitch 2017!

The top-five startups will be invited to pitch their ideas and concepts in front of a group of international investors!

The winner will receive: 

  • “The Most Investable Creative Startup” Title
  •  A cash prize of EUR 5,000
  • Invitation to seminars on attracting investment
  • Invitation to workshops on how to strengthen business skills
  • Opportunities to network with entrepreneurs and investors from across the globe


    CBI Pitch

    Creative Business Investors Pitch (CBI Pitch) is a dedicated session during the Creative Business Cup (CBC) Global Finals. The jury consists of a selection of diversified international investors who have extensive experience investing in startups and creative businesses.

    CBI Pitch provides the finest creative startups with the opportunity to pitch in front of international investors and find potential external investments.


    Who Can Apply

    Startups from any country can submit their new and original business ideas with a strong market potential. The following eligibilities need to be fulfilled.

    • Creative competencies must be crucial for the business ideas
    • The startup must own the rights to the idea
    • External investment received so far is less than EUR 450,000
    • Looking for new investments of more than EUR 500,000


    Online Application

    Submit your application HERE no later than 17 September 2017! Applications from startups will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

    - Creativity: 

    • Innovative in product/service, customer approach, markets and social relations
    • Change the value chains of the industry
    • Creative skills are the key factors for the success of the business 
    • Engage customers and other stakeholders in the creative processes

    - Market Potential: The business concepts entail a prosperous market potential

    - Competitive Advantage: Show unique value propositions which are difficult to copy and can provide a clear understanding   of current and potential competitors

    - Team: An enthusiastic team who has relevant experience, committed with complementary skills combining creative and   business skills

    - Timing: A clear overview of the reasons why there is real momentum/opportunity for the startup now 


    Get Invited to CBI Pitch in Copenhagen 

    The top-five startups will be invited to present their business ideas to a group of international investors at the CBC Global Finals on the 15 – 16 November 2017.


    Don't miss out on the opportunity of meeting the leading international network of investors focused on creative businesses!

    Submit your application HERE no later than 17 September 2017!

    Questions? Contact us at  


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