CBC Stay – Denmark as an entrepreneurial country

Why not choose Denmark as the place for making your startup dream come true?

Denmark – a great place to start your business

The purpose of CBC Stay is to help you live and launch your creative startup in one of Europe´s most entrepreneur friendly countries. You also get access to one of the leading countries within design and creative thinking in every aspect. 

The creative industries in Denmark have in recent years been in international growth and now accounts for a larger share of the global economy than previously. 

From Denmark you might know brands like: 
BIG Architects, Lego , ECCO and restaurants such as NOMA.  

Number one for Entrepreneurs

There are multiple arguments, why you should choose Denmark as your favourite destination for starting your business and company:

  • The #1 country for entrepreneurs in Europe (GEDI 2015)
  • The #1 country for business in the world (Forbes 2015)
  • Copenhagen is the world’s most liveable city (Monocle 2014)
  • Happiest country in the world (World Happiness Report 2016)

If you like the sound of living and working in a country, where design and creativity has great impact and 86% of all citizens speak English, situated excellently with access to the European startup market – well, then CBC Stay is definitely something you should consider! 

Unique Business Support

Denmark has a support system for businesses with a lot of possibilities for free and inexpensive support for you as a startup. 
The following is an outline of just some of the tools, offers and opportunities available to you as an entrepreneur when working and living in Denmark. 

Regional business development centres
In Denmark, we have a total of five vaeksthuse (regional business development centres), where you can receive independent one-to-one counselling and problem-solving for your startup company. Your local counsellor will help you create a plan that insures growth for your company and possibly help you connect with private or public collaboration partners within your field.  

Virk Startvaekst
Here you will find quick and easy online access to guidance on starting and operating your business and on how to grow your business. It also service as an overview of your possibilities for guidance in the specific part of Denmark you are situated in. 
To run a business in Denmark you need to register and setup your company digitally. For this there are numerous online help tools and access to one-on-one guidance anywhere in the country. 

CONNECT Denmark offers qualified advice from managers and specialists with their experience can help you - voluntarily and at no cost to you. CONNECT Denmark members come from many sectors and industries and ensures breadth and depth of one and the same time.
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CBC Stay Can Guide You 

CBC Stay is for anyone interested in setting up business in Denmark. Through CBC Stay you will get information and guidance to the Danish business support system and how to apply for work and residence permit for entrepreneurs for Denmark. 
To benefit from the opportunities and initiatives in the Danish Support System you need a work and residence permit for entrepreneurs (with exception of EU citizens). 
At the Global Creative Business Cup 2016 in November you can learn more about Denmark as a creative and entrepreneurial country, you can also get information on how the possibilities if you are from outside Europe

If you want to know more already before we meet in Denmark, you can read more about the details of setting your business up here: http://www.copcap.com/set-up-a-business and https://danishbusinessauthority.dk/business-denmark

Creative Business Cup offers in the months after this year’s event guide startups participating in this year’s Creative Business Cup to learn more about where to get more information to set up in their business in Denmark. We especially will help startups from outside Europe to fill out applications for work and residence permit for entrepreneurs for Denmark – through Start-up Denmark.

Great Partners

The CBC Stay is a collaboration with The Danish Business Authority, Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Denmark