World champ creative entrepreneurs 2015

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: This afternoon Danish time, HRH Prince Joachim of Denmark rewarded the world’s best creative entrepreneur. The awards ceremony took place in The Main Hall of The Royal School of Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Nov 18, 2015

The title of world champion in creative entrepreneurship 2015 befell Blitab of Austria who impressed the jury with their business idea; the world’s first tablet for the visually impaired. Runners-up were Podwalk of Norway and Iceblink Digital of South Korea, who were awarded with a second and third place respectively.

The best project ideas at this year’s Innovation Challenges at Creative Business Cup were named too. Here, Miss Can (Portugal), MakerClub (United Kingdom), DXTR Tactile (Danmark), CPH Shelter (Denmark) and Doctor Gummy (Portugal) where named best in their respective categories.

The past three days creative entrepreneurs from more than 40 countries have presented more than a 100 pitches in front of an international jury comprising of Christian Stadil (Thornico A/S), Stiven Kerestegian Ganarillas (LEGO) and Håkan Nordkvist (IKEA) among others as well as around 400 investors from all over the world.

Rasmus Wiinstedt Tscherning, CEO Creative Business Cup: ”This year’s Creative Business Cup confirmed the level of ambition from innovative and creative startups who want to transform a brilliant idea into a sustainable business. Even better, Creative Business Cup 2015 has proved to us that the investors have their attention fixed on the many business opportunities collaborating with small, innovative and creative businesses.”

An exciting deliberation led to the jury’s decision to award Blitab from Austria with the title of world champion in creative entrepreneurship 2015. The jury said about the winner: “These entrepreneurs are passionate. The idea is social and innovative. The technology could be revolutionary – creating the right marriage between technology and social structures. Opening up the world to blind people who cannot see, could also encourage the blind to bring more solutions in the future.”

Regarding Podwalk of Norway, the second best at Creative Cup 2015, the jury had following comment: “ The team is strong. They are bringing towns and its stories to where it should be. This team has the capability and an excellent take on becoming the next platform for podcasts. It is a new way to experience the environment – highlighting that each place is unique”. Explaining the decision to award Iceblink Digital, South Korea a third place in the competition, the jury stated: “This product is a great example of the creative industries.  Creating a platform for creative people. Empowering the musicians and simplifying the way to create music.”

Innovation Challenges

This year, Creative Business Cup premiered the Innovation Challenge category as a new initiative to strengthen and support the bridging of innovative entrepreneurship with various industries.

Harry Barreza, Head of Open Innovation at Arla Foods: “We are delighted with the quality of entries to the Arla Food Innovation Challenges. Innovation Challenges and Creative Business Cup help attract the brightest minds and focus on solving real problems. The set up is a demonstration of how small and big businesses can work together to create real impact through innovation.”

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