Prizes and Special Awards 2018

Creative Business Cup turns the spotlight on new entrepreneurial businesses in the creative industries in order to motivate, train, and develop the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.
This year, participants have the chance to win a wide variety of prizes to help them build their ideas and concepts into sustainable businesses.

Winners of Creative Business Cup Denmark 2018 – Denmark's best creative startups

  • First Place: 25.000 kr. + One-year membership of the Danish Chamber of Commerce 

Additionally, the Winner of CBC DK 2018 will receive environmentally friendly high-quality prints of promotion and professional materials:

Business cards for 2-3 people, 2 roll-ups and 500 flyers sponsored by Mercoprint.


  • Second Place: 15.000 kr.  + One-year membership of the Danish Chamber of Commerce 


  • Third Place: 10.000 kr  + One-year membership of the Danish Chamber of Commerce 


Special Awards

  • Special Recognition by Søren Stenderup

Søren Stenderup is Digital AML and co-founder of Denmark's only investment growth funding platform,

He has many years of experience with capital travel for startup and growth companies in Denmark and in the UK.