Meet the winners of Creative Business Cup 2016

This year's Creative Business Cup went beyond all expectations and we are so proud of all startups who participated! The general level was higher than ever seen before and it was not easy for the juries to find a winner.

Nov 22, 2016

In the end, the title of world champion in creative entrepreneurship 2016 befell Green City Solution of Germany, who impressed the jury with their business idea; an urban tree covered by moss cultures that eats particular matter, nitrogen dioxide and ozone with the same effect as 275 natural urban trees. Runners-up were Poputar Smart Guitar of China, who has made learning playing music very easy, and City Transformer from Israel with their unique folding car concept, who were awarded with a second and third place respectively.

The best project ideas at this year’s Challenges at Creative Business Cup were named too. Green City Solutions (Germany), Jooki (Belgium), Poputar Smart Guitar (China), Haiku (France), HotClick (Chile), Lovia (Finland), Innomdle Lab (South Korea) where named best in their respective categories.

Rasmus Tscherning, CEO at Creative Business Cup, said: ”Over two intense days at this year’s Creative Business Cup, 400 innovative, creative startups have tested if their brilliant and innovative ideas can transform into a profitable business with a professional, international jury. They were all impressive, I am sure Green City Solutions has an exciting journey ahead of them.”

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