Creative Business Cup is proud to announce the 2017 winner of Watify

Watify specifically seeks out SMEs and entrepreneurs that have gone, or are going through, a high-impact and innovative technological transformation.

Dec 19, 2017

Watify is a European Commission-funded project that aims to stimulate the technological transformation of European SMEs. The Watify Solution Award, hosted by Creative Business Cup, is looking for the next innovative SME that, through the adoption of digital or key enabling technologies, could be the symbol of Europe’s ground-breaking industry. This is precisely why the main objective of this solution is to select the best example of a company whose transformation is at the very core of its successful business, to inspire and incite other SMEs across Europe to transform.

Startups in this category have implemented creative transformation in their business concept, and the winning idea must:

  • Innovate in terms of technology, product or service.
  • Bring about change in the value chains of industry, inside the company and/or can inspire new business models.
  • Show unique value propositions.
  • Have scalability potential.

The Watify Solution Award 2017 took place in Hotel Scandic Copenhagen on November 15th. These three startups qualified for the finals this year:


The pitching session was open to the public. Each startup was granted three minutes to pitch their idea in front of the esteemed jury members. 

With diverse background knowledge about startups, investment, and government, the jury members were able to evaluate from a nuanced and well-balanced standpoint.

Given the time restrictions, it is necessary for the startups to be well-prepared for the pitching session. It takes talent to succinctly summarize a unique, creative, and innovative idea in a short amount of time. After the pitches, the jury had 30 minutes to evaluate, and eventually, determine a winner of the Watify Solution Award. When evaluating, the jury gives each startup points on how well their business idea lives up to the criteria of a Watify Solution Winner. 

All three business ideas were qualified, but one startup particularly impressed the jury. The winning startup perfectly represents the future of technological advanced SMEs, and thus embrace the very core of the Watify Solution Award.

The winning idea is one that incorporates the circular economy model and solves an emerging global problem; Ingelia has identified an opportunity to turn bio-waste into a personal business venture.

According to the jury, the Spanish startup demonstrated “(...) a perfect combination of digital and physical technology in their presentation. They have shown a strong commitment to technological transformation and evolution. They are opening opportunities to other global business chains. They tackle key global challenges, such as pollution and waste management. They have recognized and applied elements of the sustainable development agenda for 2030.”


We look forward to seeing what the future brings for Ingelia and the other finalists.