The Kolding Boot Camp

As a new initiative this year, Creative Business Cup is proud to announce Kolding Boot Camp. We are collaborating with Business Kolding, who has offered to host a boot camp for all startups participating in The Creative Business Cup International Finals from Middle East North Africa (MENA). This two-day event offers a retreat with the purpose of getting in sync with your pitch, get focused and get ready for the finals and takes place 17th-18th of November, just before the big event.

During the boot camp the startups will practice their pitch, get feedback and attend various sessions and workshops that will help and guide them to think out of the box, get new ideas and improve their presentation.

This initiative is made possible by cooperation with Business Kolding, which purpose it is to create growth and development in the business community in Kolding Municipality, especially through innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity. Their vision is to develop and support the creative industry and the knowledge around it as well as strengthen innovation across sectors.

Where is the boot camp?

The boot camp will be held in Kolding at Pakhuset, a newly opened building that houses educational institutions, entrepreneurs and both smaller and middle-sized businesses. This creates the perfect environment for the startups to immerse in a creative work flow.  

We are excited to see what this initiative and coorporation can bring. See you at the finals in Copenhagen 20th-21st of November!