Creative Business Boot Camps

In 2016 we ran two Boot Camps – The Kolding Boot Camp and The Gribskov-Asia Boot Camp. Startups were invited to spend two days at the boot camps just before the global finals to get focused and prep before the big event. In Kolding they invited all startups from Middle East North Africa (MENA) to come to Kolding for the two day boot camp, while Gribskov Erhvervscenter in collaboration with Scan Shipping hosted all startups participating in the finals from Asia and Australia.

Why a boot camp?

The two day long Boot Camps are dedicated to provide the opportunity and time for the startups to sharpen and hone their pitch, strengthen their entrepreneurial skills and get ready for The Creative Business Cup Global Finals. Overall, the Boot Camps are specially created to strengthen entrepreneurship in the creative industries through:

  • Capacity building of entrepreneurship organisations
  • Supporting startups with business development and internationalization
  • Improved access to finance through investor readiness

At the Boot Camps the creative competences with be coupled with commercial competences and networks, entrepreneurship development, access to finance and internationalization – all crucial elements in creating high growth entrepreneurs and startups in the creative industries. This will not only increase the level at Global Final, but also help the startups reach their potential.

How does it help the creative industries?

The benefits of strengthening entrepreneurial skills in the creative industries are:

  • Contribution to innovative solutions in society and all other sectors: Creative entrepreneurs have the ability to find new ways of thinking and address challenges faced by society and within other sectors. Role models demonstrate the power of creative skills.
  • Empowerment and social change that transforms people’s lives: Competency building is an important activity in Creative Business Cup. The success stories and role models coming out of the Creative Business Cup competition will inspire and empower other creative individuals to become an entrepreneur themselves.
  • Provide quality jobs and reduce poverty: Role models will inspire other potential entrepreneurs, who aspire to develop their own business idea. The development of sustainable business plans with concrete company action plan will contribute for increasing of job creation.

Can I host a boot camp?

The answer is yes! Everyone interested can partner up with us and host a bootcamp for startups participating in Creative Business Cup. Maybe you want to have a CBC Boot Camp 2017? Don’t hesitate to contact us!