Welcome to the Adventure Zone…

Where adrenaline and business collide

The Adventure Zone: Do you have what it takes?  Get noticed.

Startups: join us and be a part of ass-kicking innovation in the category of adventure. This is the ultimate pitch competition! 

Think Shark Tank meets Redbull — all under the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

On Aug. 7, in Boulder, Colorado, startups, VCs, mentors, one drone and some media will convene to celebrate your journey, your story, your adventure and your 3-minute pitch. 

The Adventure Zone is the competition where adrenaline and business collide.  (Plus, we’ll roast a pig, drink cider and listen to bluegrass afterward). 

Winner gets the chance to go in Copenhagen in November and gets a cool trophy. Signup here: https://platform.younoodle.com/competition/cbc_2018_adventure

Welcome to the Adventure Zone. Bring your helmets! 

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